The instructors of VAGI-RNGSh pay special attention to children and adults with disabilities, it is they who help these people go skiing.
For children: Yaroslav and Alexei, with such difficult diagnoses as Down Syndrome and cerebral palsy, participation in such regular classes is not just socialization, but also a necessary physical activity.
Classes with children are taught by experienced instructors and ski trainers who have undergone special training in working with people with disabilities. Thanks to physically strong ski instructors who conduct special classes twice a week for special children to help them in the future:
- better to walk
- better to communicate,
- see the world with different eyes,
- the guys improve their memory, logical thinking.
Thanks to skiing, the children learn to cope with their emotions.
Thanks to the professional coaches and instructors of VAGI-RNGSH who share their knowledge, experience and bring GOOD to the world of alpine skiing.
P.S .: In 1948, the first courses for teaching skiing techniques for disabled war were offered in Austria. In Russia, skiing for people with disabilities began to develop in the 1990s. Skiers with an OAA violation, depending on the type of disability, can use either normal equipment and prostheses, or outriggers instead of ski poles (outriggers are special crutches with small skis at the end, which are used to control and maintain balance). Seated skiers train on a mono-ski, which is a seat mounted on one ski, and has additional devices - seat belts and shock absorbers. Instead of sticks, skiers also use outriggers.