interski_new_rus1_0.png INTERSKI-International - was founded in 1951

Interski international organization in the field of training and promotion of winter sports.

The organization includes 36 countries and 3 international organizations. Only one organization representing the country can enter from each country.

Russia is since 1998 the All-Russian Alpine Ski Instructors Association.

Also in the Interski include three organizations - ISIA, IVSI, IFSS. All work in the field of snow sports instruction, including skiing and snowboarding.



INTERSKI – International





Erich Melmer (AT)




Dave Renouf

1st vice-president

Erick Sheckleton
2nd vice-president INTERSKI

Peter Mall

secretary general & office


Riet Campell
President ISIA

MdB Norbert Barthle 
President IVSI

Klas Åstrand
President IVSS