On September 3, 2015, the Russian delegation went to the international congress of Intersky 2015 to the city of Ushuaia (Argentina).
In Argentina, the delegation was greeted by representatives of the Foundation for Cultural and Economic Development "Russian House on the Edge of the World". (at the time of the congress, they were the organizers of Interski in Ushuaia)

Recall that the Congress is held in Argentina in the province of Patagonia in the ski resort of Cerro Castor from 05.09.2015 to 12.09.2015 and it was attended by 29 declared teams from 36 countries.
There were teams from Germany, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Korea, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, USA, Finland, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Montenegro, Norway, New Zealand, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Czech Republic, Russia, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland

September 6 - The opening of the congress took place in a friendly atmosphere at the Cerro Castor stadium on a demonstration slope. Congress was opened by President of Intersky Erich Melmer (Erich Melmer). With words of welcome to the assembled delegations, the mayor of the city of Ushuaia, Federico Sciurano, made a speech.
The opening ceremony was also attended by the Ambassador of Qatar - Fahad Ibrahim Al Mana, Mayor of St. Anton (Austria) - Helmut Mall and Secretary of Tourism of St. Anton Martin Ebster.

Under the national anthem of Argentina, the flag of Argentina and the flag of the Congress of Intersky were raised on flagpoles. The gathered welcomed the athletes of 29 demo teams. The sportsmen presented different types of snow sports (mountain skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboard, telemark), as well as various skiing techniques, did not ignore the historical part of the formation of the world skiing industry.
Each team tried to remember the audience. Some attracted attention with bright colors of their team suits, complex rebuilding and elements, high speed, others tried to show their national flavor, for example, a team from Germany, who left in Tyrolean national costumes. Often, for the presentation of the team, athletes used flags of their countries or showed the achievements of their most senior athletes or Paralympic athletes.

The mood in the stadium was getting better and better every minute. The sun was shining brightly, spectators welcomed the athletes with the flags of Argentina, loud music was heard, everyone was friendly towards each other and supported each performance of demo teams with noisy applause.
On the same evening, the opening ceremony of the Intersky 2015 was held in the Congress Hall building (Micro Estadio "Cochocho", Polo Deportivo y Cultural "Pioneros Fueguinos"). Here, after the opening ceremony, the delegation of Russia held a promo-action to popularize the Rosa Khutor resort and the team itself, giving out representatives of other countries branded souvenirs: in packages of Rosa Khutor, you could find invitations to visit the "Russian House", miniature valenoks with the symbols of the resort on skiing and snowboarding, multicolored silicone bracelets, USB-drives in the form of a central building on the resort square - Town Hall, as well as badges and notebooks with a logo.

Our team from the very first day was remembered not only with interesting souvenirs and a bright stylish form, but also with a wonderful mood and open smiles.
The Russian team tried to demonstrate the breadth of the Russian soul. During several days of the "Russian House", many representatives of different countries visited it - Croatia, America, Bulgaria, Austria, Czech Republic, Montenegro, etc. In support of the Russian team, a famous musician, actor, TV host was invited to visit Tierra del Fuego and skier Alexei Kortnev, who sang Russian songs during the spring Ushua evening.

Representatives of the Russian team - Deputy Director General for Tourism and International Relations Sergey Khvorostyaniy and Vice-President of the VAGI Vladimir Kosarev conducted a workshop that was especially interesting for the Austrian and Swiss teams. Vladimir Kosarev talked about the history and development of ARASIA and all ski resorts in Russia, and Sergey Khvorostyan focused on the main strengths of the all-season mountain resort Rosa Khutor - modern infrastructure, a large-format hotel base, 40 minutes from Adler airport, a long season skating.

September 9 at 19-00 a partial presentation of the countries participating in the struggle for the right to conduct another INTERSK-2019. According to the draw for the presentations, the order of the presentation was as follows: Finland, Bulgaria, Russia. In the middle of Bolgar's presentation, the sudden absence of electricity was interrupted. Throughout the day in the city of Ushuaia there was wet snow, which apparently served as interruptions in the power grid. Because of this, the organizers decided to postpone the continuation the next day, combining the two events into one. One of the events was the struggle for the right to host the ISIA World Championship among instructors, in which two countries - Switzerland and Russia (NLI) fought.

On September 10, after the events at the resort of Cerro Castor, the presentation of the Bolgar and Russia continued. It can be noted that before the presentation of the Russian team, the mood of the delegates from different countries was quite skeptical, as the presentations of the Finnish and Bulgarian teams were monotonous and the resorts looked very similar, with the difference that different cities hold, and infrastructure, slopes, up to the prices are very similar.

The Russian presentation began with a welcome speech by the President of the All-Russian Association of Ski Instructors Lozovsky Arthur Arnisovich. After the welcome speech, the technical presentation of the Rosa Khutor resort and the nearby resorts entering the Krasnaya Polyana system began. The technical presentation was led by Gear Olsen, an invited specialist, a Norwegian working at Rosa Khutor on the preparation and design of the slopes. The final part of the presentation was a speech by Alexei Kortnev and a video about Rosa Khutor with a song and music from the band Accident.

The same day, the result of voting about holding the World Championship among instructors was announced. Switzerland won the victory 36:16.

September 11 election of leaders INTERSKI and voting for the next host country INTERSKI-2019.
Two nominees were nominated for the presidency - the current president of Intersky Erich Melmer (Erich Melmer) and Dave Renouf (Dave Renouf). With a small margin, only two voices were won by Erich Melmer. New representatives from Great Britain and the United States joined the post of vice-presidents.

Voting of the countries of candidates for INTERSKI-2019 was held in two rounds. In the first round, the votes were distributed 14: 14: 6
Finland, Bulgaria and Russia respectively. In the second round 16:18 in favor of Bulgaria. The next congress will be held in Bulgaria at the resort of Pamporovo.
Of course, the Russian team is a bit hurt for losing. But no one despairs and for our team it was the first such large-scale congress in which they put forward their candidacy. The Bulgarians and the Finans no longer once exhibited their countries for the right to hold. Recall that at the previous congress in Austria the number of votes was distributed to 28 for Argentina, 7 for Finland, 3 for Bulgaria.
We got some experience, knowledge, tactics. Most importantly, many have been introduced to the Russian skiing country. We held promo actions, organized the Russian House, participated in workshops, got new friends. Have drawn conclusions on working with the audience, how and what to do next. The whole Russian team was in high spirits throughout the whole congress, they talked a lot. Next time we will perform even better and show even more dignified presentation. All of us were happy for the victory of our Slav Slav Bulgars and supported them throughout the congress. There was no hostility, but there were warm embraces and friendly relations with all.
Parted on the last day with tears in their eyes. All promised to necessarily come to Sochi and to Russia, regardless of what is happening in the political arena. And also meet at other sports congresses, workshops, master classes that for 4 years will be many in different countries.
I would like to express my gratitude for the reception and assistance in the organization of the Russian House - Yulia Melnichenko, representative of the Foundation for Cultural and Economic Development "Russian House on the Edge of the World". Companies Argentina Voyage Xenia and Herman Sidraschi, for timely transfers, excursions. Company Forward - for the equipment of the team. Head of the Press Center of the MKR-Media Inna Chernoblavskaya for information support.
Many thanks to the whole Russian team for their well-coordinated work. For the help and support of each other.